Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Camp 2006

Well, another camp at Haverhill has come to an end! I can't believe that it went by so quickly. I was so happy to see everyone and to experience the presence of God day after day and night after night. There were many people who found help at the altar. I was sad to see it end. Bro. Darrell Miler was the evening evangelist and local preachers filled in throughout the day. We had a wonderful camp. It has been a wonderful two weeks for us. The week before camp we attended the revival at Afton Wesleyan with Bro. Fuller. That was a wonderful series of meeting also. This week we will be at the Hamersville Wesleyan Holiness church attending revival with Tom Bell. We are exacting great things to happen. Pray for us.

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lizzie said...

Hey Guys,
It's good to see you have a blog as well! You're right we did have a wonderful camp! God really helped!! Well hope you guys are doing well! Love ya! Lizzie