Thursday, October 19, 2006

update and new website

I really enjoy looking at everyone's blog and I don't really keep up with mine so I thought that I would try and start blogging again. First I would like you to check out what I have been busy with. I have created a new website for my home church. You can view that here. I am going to try and add sermons music and updates about our church. So stay tuned.

As for Tabby and I things are going wonderfully. We celebrated our one year anniversary on Sept 24. I can't believe it. It has been a wonderful year. God has blessed us in many ways. He brought comfort when Tabby lost her grandfather a few weeks back. He brought patientce when both our cars broke down a couple weeks ago. He has really been helping us in preaching engagements at Lexington and other churches. And he has really been giving us some good services at our home church. I trust that you will all continue to pray for us. Look back soon for more updates with pics.

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lizzie said...

Hey Wayne,
I checked out your Church's website! Good job! Keep up the good work! love ya! lizzie