Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Hi everyone!! This is Josiah. Mommy and daddy brought me home to my new house. I couldn't believe all the toys that Aunt Erkie had already bought. Along with all the toys that the rest of my family bought me I felt pretty special. I won't be spoiled at all. I hope they never stop buying me toys. And clothes. I really like clothes. Well, mommy and daddy thought they would do OK with me since daddy's a nurse he thought that his classes had taught him everything he needed to know to take care of a baby. Boy was he wrong. It's a lot different taking care of me then his big patients. I wiggle and squirm. I scream and cry. He's not used to that. But it's fun watching them learn. I'm trying to take it easy on them since this is their first time. I don't want them to be too discouraged. I need brothers and sisters to play with. :) But with all the family around they have lots of help when they are in a pinch. My mamaws and papaws are great. They spoil me and love to play with me so mommy and daddy can get a break. I have great aunts and uncles too. I don't think Uncle JT knows what to think of me yet. But soon I'll be following him around to play basketball and ride bikes. Even go fishing. I might have to show him a thing or two. It's great to know that I have such a loving family. I hope they they are just as happy to have me join them.

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Darryl Lynne said...

What a cutie! Your dad just doesn't remember how much his bid patients screamed and cried and how much they wiggled and squarmed.

Love from his old buddies on a1