Tuesday, August 05, 2008

All Alone

Well, I'm a bachelor again... Just for a few days that is. Tabby and Josiah went to stay with her family for a few days and I will be joining them Thursday evening after work. I can't believe how dependent I have become on my wife. I was always so independent. I love to cook. I use to love at times being alone. Now I come home to an empty house and it's depressing. My wife isn't there cooking dinner. Josiah isn't crawling around the house looking for his next mission of destruction. I can't believe that a person can actually miss the tired whines of a baby, but here I am doing that exact thing. I am glad that Tabby is able to go out and spend time with her family but we usually do everything together. I guess the absence will make the heart grow fonder. I don't know how people who are separated from those that they love for weeks and months at a time do it. It's only been a day!! Pretty pathetic. But I'll be busy and that will help take my mind off things.

I did have the chance this weekend to go and fill in for a pastor in Paris, KY. The pastor of the Bible Holiness Church had to be at a church camp so we were given the opportunity to preach for the people there. What a wonderful bunch they are. Something about Christian people from KY that just makes you like them even more. We had a wonderful service and great fellowship afterward with the King family. What a wonderful meal we were served. We made it back Sunday evening in time for our service in Batavia. Now we have to get ready for the missions service on Wednesday. And this weekend I will be preaching at my wife's home church filling in for their pastor. God sure keeps me busy. But I love it.

Well, I'll try and get on and post more later. For now I'll just be here missing my family. :)

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